Community Arts – The Roots of War: Continuing a conversation with Arlene Goldbard

Francois Matarasso

A couple of weeks ago, I published a text on the ethics of participatory art by Arlene Goldbard on A Restless Art. It was a way of opening up to others a conversation that we’ve been having for several years. We agree on all the fundamentals of community art (at least I haven’t found any yet on which we seriously disagree) so what makes the conversation rewarding is how the very different social and political contexts in which we’ve spent our lives (and our different heritage) make us see, think and respond. Arlene’s ‘virtual residency’ on A Restless Art, closed with a Zoom discussion in which we were joined by about 70 other artists and activists. We both enjoyed the process. One of the things I value in it is being able to act on our own responsibility, without help or permission. We’ll do this as long as we want to, and then we’ll do something else. 

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The Roots of War: Continuing a conversation with Arlene Goldbard

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