Engaging Together, While Staying Apart

The charity Engage with Age has launched programmes to support older people who are staying at home during Coronavirus.

Older people becoming isolated during the Coronavirus lock-down is a rising concern. Newspapers, television and radio have highlighted the need to support older people so they can experience good physical and mental health.

Engage with Age is a Belfast Based charity that seeks to enable older people to live happier, healthier, and more connected lives. Its staff have devised a range of opportunities to enable older people to stay healthy and active while staying at home and maintaining social distance.

There is a lot on offer and here are some of the online and offline opportunities.



Help to get online:

Engage with Age can help you on a one to one basis with the basics of getting set up, logging on and using programmes like Zoom or using the internet. Phone Cathy on 07468 695593 or Martin on 07856 926412.

Social Media activities:

Log-on to Engage with Age’s Facebook page for home exercise, mental health videos, recipes, activities, health related advice and sign posting to services that can help. Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/EngageWithAgeBelfast/

Online Book Group:

Join our book group. Read the selected book and then participate in an online discussion group. Phone Martin on 07856 926412

Online dance and/ or exercise group:

Do you enjoy moving about? You can join either a “closed” dance or exercise group (or both!). Phone Martin on 07856 926412

Zoom Video activities:

Join in our Chocolate Bingo, every first and third Thursday of the month, at 7.30pm. Every winner wins chocolate (through the post). Phone Eamon on 07710 993 036

Join our Zoom Video pub quiz – a good old fashioned quiz! Phone Martin on 07856 926412



Become a “PAL”

Sign up to regularly phoning two people you already know but have lost touch with. When you become a PAL you receive a free PAL mug, entry to a monthly draw, free goodies, and support from Engage with Age. No phone numbers or personal information is asked for our given out. Phone Martin Towers on 07856 926412.

Contribute a story for the PAL Gazette

The PAL Gazette is a newspaper for older people, by older people: Phone Eamon Quinn and tell him your story of interest. The printed version of The PAL Gazette goes to almost 1,000 readers, and the online version is viewed by many more. Phone Eamon on 07710 993 036.

Other activities

Want to take part in exercise, health, nutrition, “grow it” or other activities? We can send you material through the post, then follow-up with phone calls. Phone Laurence on 07425 627531 or Cathy on 07468 695593

Are you in a “Rut”?

If you don’t know what you’d like to do, call us and we can talk it through with you. Phone Martin on 07856 926412

Engage with Age Director Eamon Quinn said:
“Every week we are speaking with hundreds of older people, some of whom are in touch with friends and family, and some who are quite lonely. Whether you are connected to the internet or not, Engage with Age has something for you, and we’d love to hear from you.”

Peter Newman, 73, who runs the dance group says:
“Getting involved with activities is great for a person’s physical and mental health. Being in touch with other people is a positive way to help each other cope with having to stay at home. And ultimately, these activities are fun and they’re free, sop I recommend them.”

Activities and connections with others are only a telephone call or an email away. Engage with Age urges older people to make that first step to become happier, healthier, more connected.

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