Moving on Music’s ‘All The Noels’ is now live!

Autumn 2020 saw more gigs planned and more gigs cancelled unfortunately. So, we decided to do something a little different.

We were given the keys to the Black Box for a day and invited along some of our favourite musicians for a little project we had been working on. Essentially it is a single shot, walk-through type experience, with different music happening in lots of different spaces at the venue. It was great fun and to be honest, very much needed. We’ve really missed live music. Hopefully the good time we had comes across in the video.

We decided to name the project ‘All The Noels’ after (possibly) the most well-known gig-goer in Belfast; Noel Stevenson. If you’re a regular concert goer, you’ll probably know Noel. No matter the genre, how obscure or well-known the artist, or how strange or familiar the music – if it looks interesting, Noel is there.

So this is our homage to All The Noels out there who are missing live music as much as we are. We can’t wait for it to be back.

Since released on Friday, the project has already had over 5000 views and the response has been overwhelming.

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