Peacebuilding and the Arts programme at Brandeis University (with CAP’s Carole Kane) – Invite|Affirm|Evoke|Unleash Research Project – Report and Video Presentation

One of CAP’s Project Co-ordinators, Carole Kane, has recently been involved in a research project through the Peacebuilding and the Arts programme at Brandeis University. The paper titled, Invite/Affirm/Evoke/Unleash has been developed by IMPACT (Imagining Together Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation) in partnership with the Community Arts Network, a joint venture of the Porticus and Hilti Foundations, along with ReCAST Inc.

Carole Kane

IMPACT engaged a diverse team of ten researchers from ten countries, including scholar/practitioners based in universities, NGOs, and cultural organizations, to write memos investigating theory and practice surrounding different distinctive features of engagement with and through the arts. The paper was developed through a constructive process of writing, sharing, and responding to feedback from the team and an oversight group. Carole was a member of this oversight team and a contributor in the process. The paper was collated by Dr Cynthia Cohen.

To read a copy of the full report and see the presentation to the UN Secretary General and Senior Management by Dr Cynthia Cohen, go to:

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