The Monthly interviews poet and writer Daniela Elza – Part 4 – Writing New Collections

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What are you working on now?

I have a book which attempts the fluidity of our identities and the politics of it. We have so many roles. I am a mother, an educator, a teacher, poet, activist etc. We move between these roles, and these roles flow through us, on any given day. I have a group of essays/memoir about such matters. I am curious of the spaces where we can unite, instead of focusing on what divides us. That work is searching for a publisher at the moment.

Beyond that, the global issue and financialization of housing has preoccupied my thoughts for quite a while now. Vancouver is trying to pass a big 30-year plan which puts a lot of our deeply affordable housing at risk. There are many forces pulling on our homes and of course how and where we live also defines how we narrate our identities. I am hoping to work on a hybrid book with different genres refracting the issue through different lenses, to look through the poetry and the math of the problem.

I am also continuing with my work on collaborations, which has grown into a manuscript that has poems written with over 30 collaborators accompanied by process notes with each one. It is one of a kind book looking for a publisher too.

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