The Monthly discusses TRASH Fashion and 2 Royal Avenue with Project Co-Ordinator, Heather Douglas

How did the 2 Royal Avenue TRASH Fashion event come about?

CAP was approached by MayWe Events Management and they had seen the work we do with TRASH Fashion and liked the approach we took and they suggested we facilitate a workshop at 2 Royal Avenue. They wanted some variety in the programming and thought we would provide something a little different.

The workshops were conducted by me and artist facilitator, Terese Gorman, and the participants were from intergenerational backgrounds

And what did the workshop offer participants?

We conducted the workshop in two parts. We asked people to bring an old hoodie or perhaps a shirt; something that could be spruced up. We thought we would show them some Applique techniques in order to make patches which could be stitched on to the material.

That worked quite well with participants bringing their clothes in, they cut out shapes and images and we were able to show how old clothing didn’t need to be thrown out; that there were interesting ways to reinvigorate older clothes.

When Therese Gorman, the artist facilitator, did her part of the workshop she showed people how to make key-rings using bottle tops and images. She also showed people to make necklaces with recycled materials.

Did you show the participants any other techniques?

The people attending did some fabric painting, some stencilling, and we taught some customising techniques and other techniques to fix wear and tear on clothes.

We advised people where to get the materials that we used, stencils and the fabric paint and patches and things like that. We were making people aware of the potential to recycle and reuse materials.

We are hoping that at some point in the future we can do this kind of workshop again and perhaps also looking at doing an exhibition in the Royal Avenue space.

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