Community Arts – the Making of “La Gata Perduda” (The Lost Cat) – The most difficult part – Part 3 (Video with Subtitles)

The third chapter is a leap that marks a turning point in the construction of “La gata perduda”. The choirs face the most difficult part: the stage rehearsals with piano. This means that singers must learn to do two things at the same time: move around the stage and sing without losing the tempo set by the conductor. Move and don’t miss the beat. The stage director, Ricard Soler, sweats to get the 300 singers to move harmoniously, and the conductor, Alfons Reverté, has to constantly correct them because every time they turn they lose the rhythm and in the end everyone sings what he wants

The wardrobe tests and the first complaints begin. “This is too long”, “I can’t move”, “I don’t like the color”, making 300 dresses is not easy. And finally the moment the singers have been waiting for arrives: rehearsing at the Liceu. They won’t do it on stage yet, but in the Sala Mestres Cabanes, which is where the opera professionals who perform at the Liceu rehearse. Stepping into the theater for many represents a feeling they have not had until now. The release date is getting closer. We are in summer. When they return from vacation there won’t be time for many corrections.

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