Poetry in Motion Schools Update – Glengormley Integrated Primary and Crumlin Integrated Primary School – Poet Facilitator – Raquel McKee

Poetry in Primary Schools Alive and Well.

PIMS video input was the stimulus behind this display of four groups’ ‘best work’ in P6 in Glengormley Integrated Primary as they contemplated the theme of space. The children collaborated to write their poems in groups then incorporated their ICT skills to illustrate and to give it individual flavour. With new skills in editing, from the poet’s visit, P6 will be improving their poems and submitting to the PIMS anthology under this year’s theme Together Apart.

Raquel McKee, Poetry in Motion Schools Facilitator

It was truly inspiring to walk into Crumlin Integrated Primary School and be welcomed by an enlarged picture of Amanda Gorman. The quote about being the light was encouraging in and of itself. It was even more so from the perspective of a poetry facilitator visiting the school and hearing the headteacher talk about it. Is it any wonder that a Crumlin Integrated Pupil got a commendation last year for a poem submitted to the PIMS anthology? Looking forward to more great poetry this year.

Raquel McKee, Poetry in Motion Schools Facilitator

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