A few words from Sue Steging, the Winner of the Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing 2023

I started writing in 2019.  Encouraged by more experienced friends to submit to the CAP anthology, I have done so every year since then. The idea of a theme, however loosely applied, is a great help in choosing what to submit and the need to pay close attention to formatting has taught me a lot about drafting and re-drafting. (There has been a lot of re-drafting!) The generous offer of master classes helps in thinking about skills but perhaps more importantly fosters a sense of being part of a writing community. Now that I have heard the longlisted writers and read through the 2023 anthology, it feels even more of an honour to have been chosen for the award.

‘Four Stories About (The Same) Crows’ came out of a grey January day when I had the time and incentive to learn something about the crows I was watching. We are living in troubled times and the birds reminded me that the non-human world can often seem to make a lot more sense than the human one. Thank you, Crows.

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