Beat Carnival 30 – Beat Carnival

Ignite the dancefloor and celebrate 30 years of carnival magic in Northern Ireland with the premiere of ELECTRO CARNIVAL.

On 30 September BEAT CARNIVAL marks its triumphant 30th Anniversary in an electrifying explosion of sound and rhythm with newly commissioned music by artist and composer Katie Richardson. Welcome to the ELECTRO CARNIVAL.

Immerse yourself in an electrifying explosion of sound and rhythm, where the hypnotic samba rhythms of BEATnDRUM collide with electronic beats and vocal harmonies performed by an extraordinary supergroup of musical talents led by Richardson herself.

Step into a realm where tradition meets technology, dive into an experience that transcends genres. ELECTRO CARNIVAL is more than a gig – it’s a celebration of three decades of vibrant Carnival spirit in Belfast, reimagined for the digital age.

Whether you’re a die-hard electronic aficionado, a serious samba lover, or simply a seeker of immersive musical adventure, this event promises you cross-genre magic. Join us as we celebrate tradition and innovation on an unforgettable night when creative talents of Belfast collaborate to craft a fresh, exciting and unique musical narrative.

The night will open with a new version of ground-breaking gig LUCENT, which sold out in the MAC in 2021. LUCENT features emerging artists in spellbinding performances, seamlessly blending sounds and styles, becoming each other’s bands for one night only.

Magic unfolds as these rising stars come together in an unprecedented display of artistic unity: a testament to the power of artistic connection and collaboration, LUCENT reminds us that music brings us all together.

There are few experiences around live music quite like tonight. When everyone on stage comes together for a song, whoever’s song that is, it’s really special. A vibrant, collaborative night and a truly memorable one.” Chordblossom on LUCENT

The finalé to BEAT30 celebration week, a week-long carnival arts festival celebrating the 30th Anniversary of BEAT CARNIVAL, ELECTRO CARNIVAL promises an evening full of sonic enchantment that will resonate in your heart long after the final note fades.

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