CAP is only a phone call or an email away. If you have an issue relating to your practice as a community artists, a locally based organisation or festival, or indeed, some other grouping that needs arts advice or support, just get in touch.

We receive hundreds of such queries weekly and are always keen to help or pint you in the direction of someone who can give more specific support.

As an example, we offer a complete package of support for individuals and groups wanting to engage in intercultural arts practice via our PICAS programme:

Programme for Intercultural Arts Support (PICAS)

The InterCultural Arts Support Programme (PICAS) will encourage and foster initiatives to promote ideas, processes and practice in the intercultural arts arena.

This 2-year programme (2013/14-2014/15) has been designed to assist communities and individuals, artists and activists to support the Intercultural Arts Strategy. Its initiatives will contribute to:

  • promote exchanges between different cultural groups within society
  • develop collaborative working, through arts and cultural activity between new and existing communities
  • promote cohesion and integration for a shared and better future for all
  • develop understanding of the diversity that exists in Northern Ireland
  • develop good relations between new and existing communities in Northern Ireland
  • tackle racism between new and existing communities in Northern Ireland

Interculturalism in the arts will be promoted through a range of opportunities and activities across different areas of work:

  • Training on what is the intercultural model/approach and how to implement it using the arts as the vehicle. Training offered to artists and other practitioners from or working with the ethnic minority sector, and for staff and Board members of organisations working with or supporting ethnic minorities.
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