Community Arts Partnership has a policy remit which entails responding to government consultations in relation to arts policy.

Below is a list of the most recent consultation responses that CAP has submitted, in chronological order.

For further information on any of these consultations, please contact us on 028 90923493 or email

Community Arts Partnership response to the Draft Budget 2015~16

The Department of Finance and Personnel released the draft budget document setting out the Northern Ireland Executive’s proposed spending plans for the period from April 2015 to March 2016 in the lead up to Christmas last year (2014);m there was a short window of opportunity for consultation and submissions regarding the spending priorities contained within the budget.

To view our response click on the linkCAP-RESP-Draft-Budget-1516

Community Arts Partnership submission to the inquiry on “Together Building a United Community”

The Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister released a strategy document “Together: Building a United Community” outlining OFMDFM’s vision for

of “a united community, based on equality of opportunity, the desirability of good relations and reconciliation one which is strengthened by its diversity, where cultural expression is celebrated and embraced and where everyone can live, learn, work and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.”

The Strategy document reflected the Executive’s commitment to improving community relations and continuing the journey towards a more united and shared society. This strategy document also represented, according to OFMDFM,  a major change in the way that good relations would be delivered across government.

To view our response to the TBUC inquiry click on the link CAP TBUC response 14

Community Arts Partnership’s submission to the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure “Inquiry into inclusion in the Arts of Working Class Communities”

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure undertook an inquiry into Inclusion in the Arts of Working Class Communities in first quarter of 2014 based on the committee’s research examining the degree of social inclusion in the arts in Northern Ireland, including engagement in areas of high deprivation. The committee’s research suggested that  further investigation was necessary and so agreed to carry out an inquiry looking specifically at inclusion in the arts of working class communities.

The Culture Arts and leisure Committee’s published aims were to examine the accessibility and outreach activity of arts venues and bodies and further the impact of outreach on the inclusion in the arts of working class communities.

To view our submission click on the linkCAP CAL INQ SUB F

Community Arts Partnership’s response to Arts Council Five Year Strategic Plan

CAP have submitted a response to the The Arts Council of Northern Ireland on their draft strategic plan: ‘Ambitions for the Arts: a Five Year Strategic Plan for the Arts in Northern Ireland, 2013-2018’. The consultation process which included an Equality Impact Assessment offered an opportunity for stakeholders, including artists, organisations, audiences and participants and the sector as a whole to express their views on the plan.  Ambitions for the Arts is the successor to  Creative Connections (2007-2012) and it provides a clear statement of what developmental priorities, aims and objectives the Arts Council has set itself for the next five years.

The Arts Council held a series of public meetings throughout March and April across Northern Ireland enabling the arts sector to find out more and participate in the process. In addition to this the Arts Policy forum Co-chaired by Conor Shields and Kevin Murphy held a specific consultation event for the sector at NICVA and CAP held a session for the rural arts sector sector at the Rural Community Network.

To view our response click on the link: CAP Consultation Response ACNI 5 Year Strategy.

Community Arts Partnership response to the Belfast City Council Cultural Framework for Belfast 2012-15

Community Arts Partnership is one of the strategic partners within this strategic process. The new cultural framework for Belfast builds on work started in 2003 and further developed under the Council’s  Integrated Cultural Strategy 2007-10. The strategy sets out a framework for the next three years to help create a joined-up approach to the development of Belfast’s cultural sectors.

The strategy focuses on:

  • strengthening cultural leadership
  • profiling Belfast’s unique cultural assets
  • providing stronger advocacy in support of culture
  • encouraging a greater emphasis on social inclusion through audience development
  • promoting an investment model of support for the sector to increase income generation and stability.

It demonstrates a commitment from the city’s major cultural organisations and public bodies to work towards a shared vision for the development of the cultural offer in the city. It also examines how this shared vision can best be achieved within the available structures and resources.

To view our response, click here Cultural Framework CAP Response.

Community Arts Partnership response to the Youth Arts Strategy Equality Impact Assessment

Community Arts Partnership has contributed to the ACNI Youth Arts Strategy process. This is the first dedicated Strategy for Youth Arts which aims to provide a strategic direction and vision for the youth arts sector for the period 2012 -2016. The Arts Council proposes to meet the creative and social needs of children and young people through a set of strategic themes and objectives.  The strategic themes of the Youth Arts Strategy centre upon the artistic and social issues identified through the Arts Council’s research and consultation with the sector, children and young people and wider stakeholder groups. To view our response click here.

Community Arts Partnership response to the Programme for Government

Community Arts Partnership  has provided a response to the Northern Ireland Executive Programme for Government (PfG). The PfG along with the Budget and Economic/Investment strategies maps out the major plans over the next 3 years to save, spend and invest in the NI economy.

With regard to the arts sector, the document shows a large emphasis on the creative industries and tourism.

To view the document visit

To read our response click here: CAP final PFG response 22 February 2012

Community Arts partnership submission to the Inquiry into the Creative Industries

In October 2011 the Committee for Culture Arts and Leisure launched an Inquiry into the Creative Industries. The creative industries include a wide range of sectors including Advertising, Crafts, Visual & Performing Arts, Publishing and Radio and Television Activities.  All these industries have the potential to make an increasing contribution to the Northern Ireland economy. The object of the inquiry is to look at the ways government supports the development of these industries through its policies, strategies and frameworks, and identify whether additional support is needed.

The Committee stated in the terms of reference that the key aim was to maximise the potential of these industries and ascertain how they could be better supported. It is estimated that the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland employs around 31,000 people.
The Committee was particularly  interested in views on what challenges the industries face and what funding, training and other support is needed. Lastly the Committee will be examining what opportunities exist to grow the creative industries.

To  read our submission click here Community Arts Partnership submission to the Inquiry into the Creative Industries  20 December 2011.

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