Who we are

Community Arts Partnership was formed in 2011 and is the new trading name of New Belfast Community Arts Initiative (New Belfast), after its merger with Community Arts Forum (CAF).

Community Arts Partnership builds upon the strengths of New Belfast and CAF, two major organisations at the forefront of community arts in Northern Ireland.

We take the lead in the promotion, development and delivery of community arts practice, in the belief that the arts can transform our society at a cultural, social and economic level. We support and collaborate with community groups, centres of learning, artists, arts centres and other organisations in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Our mission is

To take the lead in the promotion, development and delivery of community arts practice, to affect positive change.

Our vision is

To see the emergence of a just, inclusive, peaceful and creative society, where difference is welcomed and participation is valued.

We have a two-fold approach to arts development:

  • firstly supporting access and participation by seeking to affect policy through advocacy and leadership and
  • secondly, promoting authorship and ownership through the active engagement in projects and programmes.

We offer a platform for policy consultation and development, whilst at the same time, develop new creative opportunities for artists, communities and individuals through:

  • Arts workshop programme
  • Arts workshop services
  • Advocacy
  • Information
  • Research
  • Platforms for networking and sharing experiences
  • Professional training
  • Other initiatives to promote engagement

While in the past we focused work mainly on the delivery of an arts workshop programme in greater Belfast, we now design and implement projects across the region, and develop partnerships and networks at local, national and international level. Moreover, we provide information, research and professional training services for the whole community arts sector and assume a prominent role in advocating it.

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New Belfast Community Arts Initiative trading as Community Arts Partnership is a registered charity (XR 36570) and a company limited by guarantee (Northern Ireland NI 37645).Registered with The Charity Commission as New Belfast Community Arts Initiative - NIC105169.