The Monthly interviews Lauren O’Donovan from “HOWL: New Irish Writing” magazine – Part 3 – Establishing the magazine

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Why the name, HOWL?

It doesn’t come from the Ginsburg poem and of course we are aware of how fantastic that poem is. We’re more looking at the literal definition of howl, a sense of a call out to family over a large area. There is also a sense of a howl of creativity and we’re howling in Ireland for all the Irish writers, however they identify, throughout the world.

What’s the format of the magazine?

The format is going to be an A5 book, available in print and online and digital. We’re going to try and hit all the outlets that we can.

Why did you decide on a print version?

We’re bibliophiles and love physical books, and although there are challenges to indie print publishing, it’s a labour of love just to see the publication on the shelves of local bookshops.

So we are going to do a small print run to get on the shelves of as many local independent bookshops as possible. And then, of course, bigger stores like Waterstones are not independent, but they have great community culture which they’ve developed over the past ten years or so and they’re always interested in talking about community projects.

After that, we are going to focus our work online and maybe print on demand and make it available as an e-book as well. The idea is that it will be available in any format that people would like to read it in.

How can people submit to “HOWL”?

Our first submission window just closed in June. We’re looking to reopen again early in 2023.

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