The Programme for InterCultural Arts Support (PICAS) is CAP’s programme offering a range of opportunities to support the delivery of key areas of the Arts Council Intercultural Arts Strategy. The Purpose of the programme is to encourage and foster initiatives in the intercultural arts arena.  This two year programme has been designed to assist communities and individuals, artists and activists to support the Intercultural Arts Strategy.

What is the expected added value?

Promote exchanges between different cultural groups within society

Develop collaborative working, through arts and cultural activity between new and existing communities

Promote cohesion and integration for a shared and better future for all

Develop understanding of the diversity that exists in Northern Ireland

Develop good relations between new and existing communities in Northern Ireland

Challenge racism between new and existing communities in Northern Ireland

What is the type of support offered?

Training on “What is the intercultural model/approach?” “How to implement it using the arts as the vehicle?”. Training offered for artists and other practitioners from or working with the ethnic minority sector, and for staff and Board members of organisations working with or supporting ethnic minorities.

Professional development for artists that wish to develop an intercultural approach

Networking: A programme of events and initiatives will be delivered in order to offer further opportunities for artists, practitioners and communities to network in a number of ways.

Develop and manage an artist database:  An artist database will be developed with details of artists (including from ethnic minority) interested in / working on intercultural arts projects.

Funding clinics: Support will be provided through funding clinics to apply to ACNI’s Intercultural funding programmes (in collaboration with ACNI).

General signposting and specialist advice: active signposting to funding schemes and relevant organisations and agencies, encourage networking and engagement, and develop a new understanding of creative provision within the area of intercultural arts activity

Development programmes exploring the area of the arts and cultural diversity. This element proposes to support organisations, currently working in an intercultural remit, and offer them funds and mentoring for direct intercultural community engagement on creative projects.

Charo Lanao, new PICAS Coordinator and can be contacted by email on charo@capartscentre.com

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